Authentic BedBands are sold on this website and on ONLY through the sellers Bed Band Store and Meta Retail.

We have had Chinese sellers distributing counterfeit products that are Made In China.  They have copied our exact packaging and have used very low quality parts.

Our BedBand Products are NOT Made in China. We are a 100% USA Manufacturing Company.

If you have been a victim of the counterfeiters, please contact us.  

Simply make any sheet fit any bed...every time.

BedBand was invented to fill a gap within the bedding industry created by the multiple mattress and bedding options. Decisions made when purchasing a mattress will quickly create an unfriendly match with your favorite sheets. Even when the sheets are the correct size for your bed, they won't fit perfectly without help. That’s where we come in.

BedBand is not a fancy-looking product, but we guarantee it is the best.... because, it actually works.

BedBands hold any type of sheet or mattress pad tight....on any bed. Standard, adjustable, non-standard, deep, futon...doesn't matter where or what your bedding combination is.....we create an exact fit.

We will help you sleep better and eliminate the time you spend re-making your bed everyday.

Sleeping...and waking will be more enjoyable.

Millions of BedBand customers worldwide rely on our Patented Technology to improve their sleeping experience.

Our USA product is made with only the highest-quality products to work on both flat and fitted sheets, mattress pads and multiple other coverings. It is so versatile you can use anywhere.

NO MATTRESS LIFTING required. Simply attach BedBands from your bedside, then adjust the tension with a press of a button. (It really is that easy.)

All BedBand products are assembled in the USA by American Workers.

Free Shipping on All USA orders.

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Simple to install

Installation tips and Demonstration Video

Other uses...

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This presentation video was done with Home Shopping Network and offers great visual to how BedBands work. (We will be adding more videos soon.)