Installation Intructions/Tips

 (We are making more videos to show the ways for multiple types of sheet issues and should have those up soon!)


Basic Installation on fitted sheet: (NO LIFTING REQUIRED)

    Step 1:

  • Install sheet on bed as normal.
  • Fold Back corner of sheet and install BedBand approx. 4 inches on each side of corner seam.

    Step 2:

  • Slide sheet with attached BedBand down corner of bed.
  • When sheet is at bottom edge of mattress, adjust desired tension on BedBand.

     Step 3:

  • Tuck BedBand and sheet under edge of mattress.

To Remove BedBand: 

  • Press button on cord lock while pulling toward you to release. 
  • Unfasten the Bed Band clamps to remove.


Helpful Tips For Your Bed Band:

     Sheets Still Slipping?  

  • If you are experiencing an issue with your sheets slipping out of the clamps, we have a simple solution. This problem typically occurs with sheets that have lost it's elastic, or flat sheets with no edge and thin/smooth sheets.  Roll the edge of the sheet/cover before attaching BedBand  (This creates more of an edge to grip.) then install, as normal.

     Mattress close to wall? Corners hard to reach?

  • For this situation, it may be most simple to install BedBand on the corners you can access. Just pull the tension tighter for the opposite corner.
  • Or you can move the cord stop position on the shock cord to the corner easier to access. (Cord Stop does not need to be in center of shock to adjust tension.)

     Sheet too small?

  • BedBand can handle this!  Put sheet on bed as normal. Fold back corner of sheet and install BedBand about 4" on either side of corner seam.
  • Fold sheet down toward bottom of mattress.  If the sheet is too small it will stop before the mattress edge...No problem! Continue with BedBand to mattress bottom edge and adjust tension and tuck BedBand under bed.

     Sheet too large?

  • We got this!  Since your sheet is too large, it will hang over bottom of mattress.  But here is how you can solve this issue. 
  • Tuck the excess sheet under mattress before you install BedBands.  After you tuck sheet, go to each corner of bed and attach BedBand to side of sheet about 4 inches down on each side.  (Since you are not installing BedBand on sheet edge, you will need to create a small "roll" of fabric to clamp. (Just put some fabric between index finger and thumb and roll edge about the diameter of the shock cord. Once you get those attached, adjust tension and tuck BedBand under mattress.   

     Need BedBand for something other than sheet on mattress?

  • In this case, we simply suggest "be creative." Our customers use BedBand for so many purposes. Since, BedBand is very flexible, everyone will find their own way for installing that works best for their situation.

     Need to save money?

  • Use Flat Sheets on your bed instead of purchasing new fitted sheets. Several customers have written about how they make their bed with a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet. 

     Love your sheets, but they have lost their elastic?

  • Your sheets don't have to have an elastic edge to work with BedBands.  For this issue, put sheet on bed, as normal.  However, before you  attach BedBand you will need to roll up the edge of sheet....where the elastic used to that BedBand has something to grip. (Not a large roll, just about the diameter of the shock cord.) Then complete the remaining steps as shown in our Basic Installation Instructions  at the top of this page.

If you need more help on the best way to install BedBand for your
situation, please email us.