About Bed Band Store

At one time or another, we all have had an annoying household problem we just couldn't seem to find a solution for. 

Our issue was the seemingly never-ending problem of bed sheets coming loose. No matter what I did, the sheets would come off and roll up around our feet... just about the time we would doze off!

I purchased several types of “sheet holder” products, and held on to the hope “one of these has to work.”  Of course, they didn't.  So, I decided to invent one that would.

Although it has been quite the experience learning about manufacturing processes, patents and trademarks while at the same time fighting against knock-offs/counterfeits...I have to say, "It has been awesome!"

We started our company in 2010 with the commitment to hire only American Workers and to not outsource overseas...and it has paid off.

BedBands is now a trusted household product. Our patented technology is being used by millions of customers all over the world.  

So, to everyone like us who has wasted money, time and sleep searching for a product that will simply solve their sheet and bedding issues .. we hope you will give us a try.

Wishing you the best night’s sleep!

 Jamie Whaley-Mom Inventor of BedBand

Jamie Whaley