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Bed Band Store has not granted ANY manufacturer the rights to manufacture ANY product using our intellectual property.

Bed Band Store owns patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights of photos and text. We own all rights pertaining to our product line.

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US D761,042

US 9,328,799,

US 9163,697

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Trade dress:  87634812     


Copyrights: Multiple Published and unpublished photos have been registered.

VA 2070-861, VAu 1-291-191


Bed Band Store is also the owner of ad content designed/written for multiple marketing uses.


One example:

We have a reputation around the World for offering the First and Only Patented Sheet Holder in this design and color.

Unlike some dishonest sellers, we will not use any tactics to undermine customer trust and will continue to offer BedBands to ALL customers at the same price.

We hope quality and customer service will continue to earn us your business.


Original BedBands Stretch from 12" to approx 18". Once installed, desired tension is a push of a button away.

Want more tension? Press button-pull cord. Less tension? Press button- release cord. It is that simple.

BedBand design allows adjustability for ALL sheets and covers. Use for:

• Standard size/odd shaped beds
• Foam & pillow-top beds
• Air mattresses
• Semi's
• RV's
• Travel trailers and more!

Customers are posting reviews about other uses they have found:

• Outdoor covering (tablecloths, grill covers, etc.)
• Seat cover (Cars, boats, motorcycle, scooters, etc.)
• Furniture cover (Couch, chairs, etc.)
• And More!

We offer the best customer service & have a fantastic rating for our customer email response time.

LIFETIME Warranty (When purchased from an Authorized Distributor- Be aware of non-approved vendors.)

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